If you are passionate about adventure and all adventure sports in general, canyoning offers you the opportunity to discover and experience adventures that will surely captivate you. Additionally, thanks to the progression techniques, you will discover natural environments of immense beauty and value.

If you are looking for a unique adventure, you need to discover canyoning!

Also known as canyon descent or even by the Anglicism canyoning, canyoning is a beautiful activity that consists of progressing along the upper course of a river or stream, usually confined between walls, which requires overcoming various obstacles such as rappels, jumps, or slides using different techniques and specific materials to progress as safely as possible.



Catalonia offers us an infinite number of canyons where we can practice canyoning, always adapting the choice of route to the participants’ level. This way, we can enjoy this adventure sport regardless of our level.

Here are some of the best canyons for learning canyoning, although they are not the only ones. If you want to try another one, just let us know.



Whether you already have mountain experience or not, with us you will discover not only an excellent adventure sport like canyoning, but you will also learn the basic techniques and maneuvers to move through a canyon and safely overcome all the hidden obstacles.

We will explore and explain what equipment is necessary for canyoning, and you will learn how to use it safely and clearly. Additionally, you will, of course, enjoy a very fun and enriching experience.

By hiring an experienced canyoning guide, you ensure that you will enjoy the adventure to the fullest, as they will take care of everything: managing the group and its safety, handling logistics, and preparing all the necessary equipment. All you have to do is follow the advice and fully enjoy canyoning!


Discovering canyoning is within everyone’s reach. With the appropriate technical equipment that we provide, even the youngest family members can come to practice canyoning. We have wetsuits and specific technical gear for canyoning with children. If we choose the right canyon, there will be no problem enjoying a family canyoning experience.

Sometimes, if the children are very young or have no prior experience with adventure sports, it may be highly recommended to start them off with a first experience doing aquatic trekking. This way, they won’t need to use rope progression techniques and can become familiar with the environment before delving into canyoning and all the techniques this sport requires.



If you have any doubts about how beginner canyoning routes work, here you will find answers to the most frequently asked questions:

Can I do canyoning if I have no experience?

Absolutely, in fact, if you have no experience, starting the adventure of canyoning with an experienced guide is the best and safest way to learn the necessary techniques for canyoning.

Contact us, tell us your concerns, and we will schedule the best adventure at the beginner level so that the experience is unique and you discover one of the best adventure sports you can practice in the mountains.

What is the best time for canyoning?

Each canyon has its ideal time for descent, and this “ideal time” will also vary depending on the experience we seek. Not all canyoners look for the same sensations within the canyons. Some enjoy the environment, while others need a good amount of water flowing through the canyon to enjoy it more.

For beginner canyoning, the best months of the year are during spring, summer, and early autumn, paying attention to the water conditions of the canyons and the ambient temperature, especially at the beginning and end of the season.

That said, canyoning can be done all year round; you just need to choose the right canyon.

Do I need to know how to swim to do canyoning?

As a general rule, yes, it is essential to know how to swim for canyoning. However, not knowing how to swim is not an obstacle to discovering canyoning. We can opt for the descent of beautiful dry canyons or some where the water component is minimal, where not knowing how to swim does not pose a danger.

Do I need to wear glasses; can I do canyoning?

This is an interesting point to consider before starting the descent of a canyon. If you need glasses to see well, you must have them tied, as the force of the water in a waterfall can make you lose them. It is also important to remember to take them off and store them safely before making any jumps into the water.

On the other hand, if you wear contact lenses, it is recommended to protect them with swimming goggles, as permanent contact with water can cause problems or even make them fall out.

What is the minimum age to practice canyoning?

Although the minimum age may vary depending on the child, we consider that the minimum age to start canyoning is around 6 or 7 years old, always adapting the chosen canyon to their needs.

However, minors must always be accompanied by an adult.

What are the prices for a beginner canyoning day?

Each canyon usually has a different price, depending on travel, the duration of the activity, and other factors that can influence costs. However, they generally have a price starting from 45€ per person.

Is canyoning a dangerous activity?

As an activity that takes place in the natural environment, there are risks associated with the activity itself, as well as other risks related to the environment.

The job of the canyoning guide is to accompany us during our descent and offer us the best possible risk management, ensuring that the activity is as safe as possible.

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What do approach and return of the canyon mean?

These two concepts might sound strange to those who have never practiced canyoning or other mountain sports.

The approach, as its name indicates, is the path we need to follow on foot from the car to the canyon entrance, where the canyoning activity will actually begin.

The return is the path we need to take from the exit of the canyon, where our descent ends, back to the car.

Sometimes one or the other, or both routes can be immediate, meaning we will only need to walk a few minutes to reach the car.

What equipment do I need to bring for canyoning?

The most important thing for you to bring is good footwear, ideally mountain or trekking boots, although sports shoes can also suffice. Additionally, you will need a swimsuit and a towel, as well as a full change of clothes for after the activity.

As for the technical equipment necessary for this adventure, we will provide it.

About the footwear for canyoning

It is important that the footwear has a good grip; shoes with a smooth or slightly rough sole will not suffice.

Can I do canyoning if I am pregnant?

No, pregnant women cannot engage in risk sports. It is mandatory to always communicate this before undertaking the activity to avoid putting yourself and the group at risk.


If you already have some experience in canyoning, you can find options suitable for your level. Additionally, with the help of an experienced guide, you can enjoy more advanced canyons.

Contact us and let’s go enjoy a great adventure!