Kayaks rental at “la Llosa del Cavall”

Only, as a couple, with your family or friends, enjoy canoeing in Solsonès and with the company of those who want in a privileged environment such as the Llosa del Cavall reservoir, and especially in its final stretch, where an atmosphere rugged and mountainous will accompany us at all times, as well as magnificent views of the Port del Comte massif, kayak rental and canoeing in calm waters is suitable for everyone and for all ages.

Ideal for starting in the world of canoeing or renting one for the whole day and exploring the inhospitable corners that hide the swamp, we have good access to the area, with parking space, a free and delimited bathroom area in order to cool off without suffering the navigation of canoes or extend the towel and sunbathe, and if you wish, complement the day with other activities such as slackline, orientation or archery with discounts Special for the clients of the rental of canoes.

in La Llosa del Cavall, Solsonès
Suitable for all ages
from 1 hour
Hire the activity


In fact, to rent a kayak at La Llosa del Cavall very little:

Swimmer and aquatic footwear
Cap, cream and sunglasses (remember the thread so they do not fall off!)
Towel and spare clothes
Carry an identity or driving card
If the day is cold, we also recommend a thermal jersey


Our kayak rental at Llosa del Cavall will be found on the Playa dels Estevats, just past the road bridge that goes to Berga, under the Knauf Factory.
Soon, you will find it signposted as "Els Estevats" and a small sign with the symbol of a kayak.

But to understand us better, more is a map, right?


At Relleus we try that you can enjoy our activities with the highest quality and comfort, but also without loosing all your budget. Our rental rates:

Individual Kayak
1 hour 2 hour 1/2 day* 1 day**
12 € 19 € 30 € 44 €
Two people Kayak
1 hour 2 hour 1/2 day* 1 day**
20 € 32 € 47 € 67 €
Family Kayak (3-4 pax)
1 hour 2 hour 1/2 day* 1 day**
22 € 37 € 50 € 74 €

The fractions of time will be rounded up.
* From 3 to 4 hours, the price will be 1/2 day.
** After 4 hours the price will be 1 day.

We have special prices for groups. Contact us!


Kayak renting
Paddle and lifejacket
Waterproof bag
Basic notions to go paddle with kayak
Accident insurance

For all levels and ages

We have family kayaks to take up to 2 children with you.

Adapted to people with disabilities

Easy access with ramp to facilitate people with wheelchairs.

Suitable for your doggy family

You can bring your dog, we also have a life jacket for him.

Discounts on other activities

We offer discounts when doing a second activity with us

Price for groups

We make custom budget for groups. Ask about our offers.

Includes insurance and life jacket

We also teach basic notions to paddle with kayak.

Drinks and snacks service

You can buy soda and something to snack right there.

Comfortable seat

Our seats are padded to paddle with total comfort.