Itineraries marked from snowshoes to Rasos de Peguera

With the desire to be able to offer different activities, suitable for all types of audiences attending the Rasos de Peguera station, in 2018 we recovered the signposted itineraries for the practice of snowshoes autonomously.

On this page, we present and explain briefly, so that you can choose with knowledge and first-hand information of those of us who have recovered and signaled them again, as always, from Relleus Gent de Muntanya, we will be delighted to receive your suggestions and proposals for change on the work we have done.

Make yours these itineraries of snowshoes to Rasos de Peguera, as well as make yours also the environment, respect it as it is, our home, and a space that we all esteem.

Rasos de Peguera, el Berguedà
Initation level
Mapa dels diferents itineraris per a raquetes de neu a Rasos de Peguera

Base map property of the Cartographic Institute of Catalonia

the YELLOW circuit

As a base for the vast majority of the outings we can offer to Rasos de Peguera, the yellow circuit will serve as a roundtrip to look for the other snowshoe circuits that the station offers.

Being also the simplest and shortest, the yellow circuit will lead us through roads and ditches to the Collades, the furthest point from this circuit with respect to the Rasos de Peguera station, there, we can choose between taking other circuits or starting routes on our own as for example to the Rasets de Dalt.

To complete the round trip of the circuit of yellow snowshoes, we have to have an hour and a half at a smooth pace, as they are about 2 kilometers away, with about 75 meters of positive gradient.

The only complication we can find are some of the slopes that are to the ditch of return, which we can save if we follow it by its upper-left side, where the slopes will be softer.

Circuit suitable for everyone, is the ideal circuit to start and have a first dam contact with the snowshoes at Rasos de Peguera.

el circuito AZUL

This circuit takes as base of approach and return to the station of Rasos de Peguera the yellow circuit, where he adds him a kilometer and a half.

Complete the totality of the blue circuit, including is clear the yellow one, will take us to make a route of 3'4 kilometers and to surpass about 150 meters of positive gradient.

The special interest of the blue circuit, rae in the fact that it threads us until the high heights of the station of Rasos de Peguera, above the chairlift of the Soques, from where we will be able to enjoy fantastic views to the central plain of Catalonia, divisant lo Montseny, the Mola and Montserrat, like more remarkable mountains of the panoramic that rises before our eyes.

Just before connecting again with the yellow circuit, when we have not yet gone down the Firewall (the wide track that returns us to the Collades), we will have the opportunity to take a brief detour following the hull to reach the timid summit of the Pedró, the highest point of the mountain and culminating Rasos de Peguera with its 2051 meters high. Although the route does not lead us there, it is a short and obvious detour, usually very much traced on the snow.

We have to have about two and a half hours if we want to do this whole circuit of snowshoes.